Integral ecology actions of Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez, Chile

Within the framework of monitoring the actions taken in the ecological space known as Weliwen (New Dawn), established by the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez on the Lo Cañas campus, Chile, the university has made significant progress in developing the construction of orchards with an ecological and organic approach. In addition, they have promoted the implementation of student projects as part of the curricular activities of the Kinesiology and Nursing majors, belonging to the Faculty of Health of their university.


This space is completely consistent with the ecological vision and the promotion of environmental responsibility, in line with what is expressed in the encyclical "Laudato Si" of Pope Francis and, more recently, in "Laudato Deum".


Students who participate in this project have the opportunity to explore and apply practices related to therapeutic gardening, phytotherapy, and the production of medicinal products of organic origin. These initiatives not only promote a more sustainable approach to health care, but also rescue ancestral practices that have proven effective throughout history.


The Silva Henríquez Catholic University aims to promote ecological awareness among its students, inspiring them to be agents of change in the protection of our planet. They firmly believe in the importance of environmental education and the need to incorporate sustainable practices in the training of health professionals.


They are sure that this initiative will not only enrich the academic training of their students, but will also contribute to the well-being of the community and the care of our natural environment. The Don Bosco Green Alliance gives its continued support to this university in promoting ecological and sustainable initiatives.