We are an international collective of young people from Salesian Institutions & organizations who are passionate about the welfare of our only planet. 

Member Activities 

Oratorio Don Bosco, Italy had a day out!

Oratorio Don Bosco in Rome, Italy had an interesting day out on June 12, 2024. They made sure to have an ecological walk where they seemed to have conducted a clean up in the area. Here’s what their Instagram post says-

Yesterday's first outing to the lake... we got into the game, beautiful moment in church with a representation of mothers who blessed the children, ecological walk, and the welcoming of the Saroli sports center (which we thank very much) and the possibility to do a mini canoe course... great day!

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Launch of the report on Circular and Environmental Economy by the Salesians in Catemu

On 5 June, on the occasion of World Environment Day, the collaborators of the Central House, representatives of the pastoral educational community of the Agricultural School of Catemu and Federico Lagi, Project Manager of the Don Bosco Mission Office in Bonn, Germany, met virtually to participate in the launch of the report "Circular and environmental economy". The meeting was organised and led by the Office of Planning and Development in the Salesian Province of Chile (CIL), led by Fr Néstor Muñoz and Elizabeth Vivanco. "As you can see, we are 100% committed to the care of our Common Home, a priority of our Congregation, included in the Overall Provincial Plan and we want to continue taking steps, one of which is what the Agricultural School of Catemu has achieved," said Ms. Vivanco. From Germany, Federico Lagi added: "In April I was in Catemu and it was a very nice experience; I saw what they did, which is wonderful and now everyone can see it." The audiovisual work, achieved over two years by the Caetera Tolle Multimedia Centre of the CIL Province Communications Sector, shows the realisation of four projects that strengthen the efficiency regarding the agro-ecological impact in the daily work of the Salesian school, which improves the quality of life and learning of its students and the entire educational community. Fr Néstor Muñoz, Director of the Planning and Development Office, said: "Today the Catemu school is very forward-looking thanks to these sustainability projects that will undoubtedly make a contribution to the school and the community. We are children of a father who dreamed and I am convinced day after day that dreams can become reality."

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Professors and Assistants reflected on energy efficiency

For the first time, on the occasion of the World Environment Day, “A Public Awareness Rally” was organized by the Don Bosco Institute, Thecho Lalitpur in partnership with Godawari Municipality ward No-12, Thecho. “The rally aimed to raise awareness about environmental protection and encourage collective action towards sustainability” said the Rector of the Institute.

The primary objectives of the environment day rally were, to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation, to engage the community in proactive environmental actions, to inspire participants to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives and to advocate for stronger environmental policies and practices.

The Rally took off at 8:00 A.M from the precincts of the local administrative office and ended at Don Bosco Institute, Thecho Lalitpur, covering a distance of 3 km and featured messages spread through various creative activities like tableaux, banners, placards, and slogans. 

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Inclusive Educational Native Forest has its first trees planted

With the certification of environmental care, which CEST achieved in March 2023, the idea of innovating in environmental education for the entire educational community was established. Thus, from the end of 2023, the creation of an inclusive educational native forest in Villa Pinardi was planned, to promote conservation, education and inclusion in the territory of Callejones.  

On May 31 of this year, a group of 20 third and fourth year students participated in a significant experience to plant 20 native trees, with which the project begins. For this, the land was cleared, the ground was leveled, weeds were removed and the planting site was organized, where each species would go. Quillay, Peumo, Molle and Canelo trees were planted. The latter in danger of extinction.

Student Dylan Morales from 4°C of the Electricity Specialty participated in this activity, and pointed out that “we are all capable of taking care of the planet; We all can, I found the experience very enriching, it teaches us many values, how to take care of the land, know how to work the land, protect and conserve.”  

Dylan said that young people can take care of the environment from the area that each one knows, from their specialty in electricity, using energy in a good way, using reliable sources and encouraging talks and teaching children the good use of electricity.

The science teacher, Nicolás Ulloa, in charge of the project at Sede Sur, pointed out that the implementation of this educational native forest "is an initiative that combines environmental conservation, education, social inclusion and community well-being."

He added that its importance lies in the ability to inspire care for the environment, promote environmental awareness, encourage inclusion and strengthen ties between the school community and its natural environment.

The Forest is in its first phase of implementation. The CEST Environmental Care Committee will continue in this work, since it still needs to advocate for the prevention of waste accumulation and the coordination for irrigation and first care, since the inauguration of this new environmental space is planned for the 12th. of July.

Villa Pinardi is a retreat, conference and recreation house for students and the educational community in general, located in the Callejones sector, about 13 km by road east of Talca.

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CO2 Neutral Don Bosco Center in Colombia!

Don Bosco Mondo reported this on their social media -

“Don Bosco Center in 📌Medellín, Colombia has been CO2 neutral since 2022! 🏠🌱

It is the first Don Bosco facility in the world that has reduced its CO2 footprint to zero and works climate neutral. ♻️💪

To do that, our partners in Medellín first recorded and studied their CO2 emissions. 💡

The next step was to introduce an environmental management system to improve our climate balance with very concrete measures, such as solar panels for green power, a solar thermal plant for hot water and a green area. ☀️💧🌿

This is how Don Bosco inspires the local people in Medellín and is an important pioneer in our Don Bosco family. 🙌

Because the clear goal is to make all Don Bosco facilities worldwide CO2 neutral by 2030! 🏠♻️🌍

As the Don Bosco community, we want to contribute to the future task of all mankind and to envision sustainability, both big and small - for a human-friendly climate and an environment worth living! 🌍🌿💚”

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Ecological Brigade promoted the separation of waste during Recycling Week

Within the framework of Recycling Week, which was held from May 13 to 17, the Ecological Brigade of the basic education modality of the Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca, Chile, was promoting the separation of waste and recycling in the spaces within the CEST, as It has differentiated containers for paper, plastic and cardboard. The students educated the school community on how to use them correctly.  

They participated in cleaning days and waste campaigns within the classroom, which not only improve the school environment, but also strengthen the sense of responsibility and teamwork among students.

The mission of the Ecological Brigades at CEST is to lay the foundations for a more sustainable society and their work impacts the formation of responsible citizens committed to the environment.

The Week's activities concluded with a meeting with Professor Carla Farías, in charge of the Brigade at the North Headquarters, held on May 17, where they evaluated and planned the next recycling activities at the CEST.

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Blog Articles

The United Nations Environment Program’s Faith for Earth coalition approached the Don Bosco Green Alliance to nominate a member for the Faith for Earth Youth council. I, Leann D’souza, was nominated by the DBGA and subsequently selected as a member for the council.

The Faith for Earth Coalition is a global platform to facilitate partnerships with faith leaders, faith-based organizations and people of faith at global, regional and local levels in order to inspire, empower and strengthen action and behavioral changes towards achieving the SGDs.


During the month of May, I attend the community rosary in my Church and in my local small Christian community, and a rosary which is conducted for all the residents in my building. Our services begin with adorning the grotto with candles, incense and flowers, singing hymns to Our Lady, praying the rosary followed by savoring some delicious snacks, playing games and enjoying a time of togetherness. One of my benevolent neighbors often takes the responsibility of sponsoring snacks and also cleaning and lighting up the Cross where we gather to say the rosary. 


Don Bosco Green Alliance was privileged to be part of the faculty that provided resources for the ongoing course - Joint Diploma on Integral Ecology - which is being held by the Pontifical University in Rome.

The DBGA selected Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB, President of the Don Bosco School of Theology (DBST), Philippines, a very active member of the DBGA. Fr. Francis gave the participants of the course an inside view of how the DBST has implemented Pope Francis' Laudato Si' in their curriculum and a gist of the institute's vision for the next 10 years.  

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Today the term “development” is widely used, but often from a philanthropic or ideological perspective. That is why it is important to talk about integral sustainable development from a Catholic perspective. Doing so, on the monthly anniversary of the Salesian Missionary Expedition, is General Councillor for Missions Fr Alfred Maravilla.


Here are some ideas from the World's Largest Lesson Newsletter on how to celebrate Earth Day with students -

Resource of the Month: #MakeSpaceforNature 

Ages 8-14

As we celebrate Earth Month, encourage students to understand the wonder of biodiversity and why it’s key to achieving the Global Goals. Explore the beauty of the natural world with students and understand why we need to bend the curve on nature loss.


Young people from all over the world are once again invited to participate in the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" (DBGYFF), the Salesian international youth film festival. The Social Communication Sector of the Salesian Congregation has in fact joyfully announced the third edition of the competition, the final of which is scheduled for 17-18 October 2024 - as usual in a multitude of realities and locations in over 100 countries around the world. 


We're excited to announce a new partnership. On March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph, the Don Bosco Green Alliance signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jugend Eine Welt for the promotion of the "Back to Nature" campaign.


Easter People Choose to BE GREEN…and Continue to Fast and Feast

Easter means FULLER LIFE, a rejuvenated life with all its expressions. Fasting need not end with Lent. Fasting does not exclude Feasting. In some sense, fasting is feasting. They are two sides of the same coin. Here, I do not mean fasting in the context of food but fasting from some habits and behaviours. This continuous fasting enhances one’s personal and social life, and benefits our natural environment.     


Why I Prefer a Flexitarian Approach Over Vegetarianism for Lent 

As the season of Lent approaches, many individuals contemplate dietary changes as part of their spiritual practice. While some opt for strict vegetarianism, others, like myself, find that a flexitarian approach better aligns with both our religious observance and personal values. In this article, I will explore why I believe flexitarianism offers a more sustainable and holistic approach to Lenten dietary practices.


Planting trees on concrete land requires some extra effort compared to planting in soil, but it's still possible. Here's a basic guide:

1. Choose the Right Tree: Select a tree species that is resilient and can adapt to the harsh conditions of growing in concrete. Look for trees with shallow root systems and drought tolerance.


Benzina Zero is an Australian Company founded by Ben Silver and Joe D'Ercole just a few years ago. After successful business careers, they had both decided to retire early, go off-grid, spend time with family and community.

But again, in tandem, with concerns for the environment and their young children, they began Benzina Zero, No Petrol, designing and producing electric scooters and mopeds.  Read More...

What is an Eco Youth Encounter?

The "Eco Youth Encounter" is a monthly webinar series designed for youth aged 13 to 25 who are passionate about environmental sustainability and climate action. The Laudato Si’ Movement and the Don Bosco Green Alliance have partnered to launch this initiative.  Through this initiative, young people can connect with like-minded peers, gain valuable insights into environmental issues, and develop the skills and knowledge needed to effect positive change in their communities and beyond.   Read More...